What is MARF?
It is a UI Middleware Platform that maximizes the efficiency of MMI development in the Handset System.

The BNSoft Middleware Platform is an Embedded System Middleware Platform to improve the efficiency in the development of Embedded System, under the condition that the Digital Convergence accelerates the intelligent and multi-functional trends of IT products.

A strong Interface is provided to develop the intensified services in high speed multi-media functions comparing the existing 2nd generation wireless internet, that is, services including color screen, 3 dimensional graphic environment, streaming, and software downloading with a strong compatibility. It is designed to promptly adjust to all customization in order to satisfy clients with various environments and requirements, and able to integrate the various platforms and solutions in more effective manners.
MARF Applied Fields:
Business Cellular Phone Application, Camera UI, Multi-Media UI, IP TV UI, PMP, Navigation, Digital Phone Framework, etc.