A device to record the front and internal situation of the automobile and save the car position and speed for a certain period
Main Chips
MV Chip
Internal : NAND Flash Memory (1GB)
External : SD Card (1/2/4/8/16GB)
Dual Camera
(Visual angle 135им)
In : 0.3M Pixel CMOS Sensor, Infrared LED
Out : 0.3M Pixel CMOS Sensor
G-Sensor Internal 3D G-Sensor
GPS Internal GPS Module
Interface Power (DC 12~30V), SD Card Slot, AV Out
Power Main : Car Battery (Cigar Jack) 5~30V
Backup : Built in 120mW Li-Ion Polymer Battery
Recording Resolution Video : 640 x 480 (Dual 15fps, Single 30fps)
Still cut : 640 x 480 (1frame/sec)
PC Viewer In/Out Video, In Audio, G-sensor Data, GPS Data, Time

Product Features
Dual Camera  
Our product is designed to record the inside of car and monitor the internal
events as well as the front side by using 2 camera modules, comparing
that the existing DR records only the front side.
Cigar Jack  
Cigar Jack is designed by our company to directly monitor the driving
situation on the Navigation through the AV Out terminal.

Cigar Jact has one of DC Out Terminal so that it is available to use DR
and Navigation at a time with only one Cigar Jack.
Parking Video Recording  
Motion Detecting Function is available to monitor car damages that anyone causes during the parking period when Cigar Jack is connected to the Fuse box in a car to use the power all the time.

When the IN/OUT Motion Detect is operated as long as the time is set at the Power OFF of Cigar Jack, and any movement is detected during that time, the data recorded for 1 minute is saved to the Motion Folder in SD Card.

PC Viewer
IN/Out Movie View
Out Still Cut View
GPS Data View
G-Sensor Data View
Map Linkage Function
Submittal Data Extract Function
Product Environment Setting Function